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Posted: 18-01-2019
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Terms of Reference for a Consultancy on the Revision of the National FP Blueprint




At the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning (LSFP), Nigeria pledged to double its contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) among married women from 15 percent to 36 percent by 2018.  As a means of achieving this goal, the FMOH developed a family planning costed implementation plan (the National FP Blueprint 2013 -2018) which was launched in 2014. The government of Nigeria renewed its FP 2020 commitments at the 2017 London FP2020 conference, with the aim of accelerating the country towards achieving an mCPR target of 27%.   


The country has made significant progress in implementing the national FP Blueprint (2013 – 2018), which ends this year. With the expiration of the Blueprint in 2018, the FMOH in collaboration with key stakeholders have commenced the process of revising the document. The development of a revised National FP Blueprint 2019 – 2023 commenced with a strategic meeting held in Kano between 13th – 16th September 2018. At the end of the meeting broad strategies along the FP thematic areas were developed. A consultant is required to work with key stakeholders in the thematic area stated above to refine the strategies as well as define activities to achieve the strategies.


2.    Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to work with FMoH and key stakeholders within the Thematic Area to refine the broad strategies and develop activities with timelines and metrics to measure success for a new national FP Blueprint 2018 – 2023.


3.Methodology and specific tasks for consultant

This work will be carried out through stakeholder meetings and discussions/engagement with  key stakeholders in the relevant FP Thematic area. The specific tasks include:

  • Conduct a quick desk review of the FP Thematic area, including the status of implementation of the FP Blueprint.
  • Work with the Chair and Secretaries of the sub-committees in planning for review meetings.
  • Based on available data and the indicators in the FP Blueprint, conduct two strategy review meetings with the sub-committee of the NRHTWG to determine progress made as well as challenges in FP in the country. This will be complemented with a key informant interview of key partners within thematic area of the FP landscape.
  • Refine the strategies and objectives based on the review meetings.
  • Develop detailed descriptions for activities, timelines and indicators for the   thematic area of the Blueprint.
  • Prepare strategy draft report



The outputs are required with this consultancy:

  • Prepare PowerPoint presentations, background reference briefing materials for the review meetings
  • Report of the review meetings and key interviews
  • Draft Strategic Plan for Thematic Area of the National FP Blueprint 2019-2023 including activities, timelines and indicators for the thematic area of the Blueprint


5.Time requirements and duration

The work is expected to take 28 working days. Actual timing will depend on the schedule for the review meeting and stakeholder interviews including the FMOH.





Meeting with Head RH Division FMOH


Conduct a quick desk review of the FP Thematic area, including the status of implementation of the FP Blueprint.


Conduct 1st strategy review meeting with the sub-committee of the NRHTWG including the development of Activities


Conduct key informant interview of key partners within thematic area of the FP Delivery landscape


Refine the strategies, objectives and activities, timelines and indicators forthe thematic area of the Blueprint. based on the review meetings


Conduct 2st strategy review meeting with the sub-committee of the NRHTWG


Prepare strategy draft report

MSION Behaviours / Core Values / Statement

6.Qualifications of consultant


  • Degree(s) in a health field highly relevant to the nature of the work
  • Demonstrable understanding of the development and content of national health policy, strategic documents and action plans
  • Strong writing skills in English
  • Strong communication skills for achieving consensus amongst multiple stakeholders
  • Demonstrable experience working with multiple stakeholders on writing a strategic document
  • Experience working with FMoH
  • Clear understanding of M&E mechanisms and action
Prefered Skills

2.    How to apply

Interested consultants are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for delivery of the assignment. The short EOI (about 3-4 pages) should include:


  • Proposed methodology and any comments on TOR
  • Clear work plan including outputs/deliverables and detailed time frames
  • Total costs including daily rates, in Naira
    1. Appendixes (not included in the 3-4 pages eg CV of the consultant(s)

Potential Consultants to send BOTH EOI and Detailed CV to:



  1. Application Submission Deadline

         Friday 08 March 2019.

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