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Regional Administrative/Supply Chain Manager - Oyo
Job Type: Full-Time
Department: Sales and Marketing
Job Category: Procurement / Supply Chain
Posted: 17-11-2022
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Minimum Education: Bachelors Degree / HND
Degree Title:
Minimum Experience: 5 Year
Age: -
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Job Status: Interviewing
Start Publishing: 17-11-2022
No of Jobs: 1
Stop Publishing: 08-12-2022

About the Organisation


Marie Stopes International Organisation Nigeria (MSION) is a result-oriented Social enterprise, which uses modern management and marketing techniques to provide reproductive health care and allied services. MSION’s goal is to meet the needs of underserved Nigerians and dramatically improve access and use of a range of reproductive health services.


MSION is part of Marie Stopes International’s Global Partnership which is in over 37 countries worldwide.

The core responsibility of this post is to use your:

■ initiative        ■ energy          ■ persistence               ■ results orientation

■ drive             ■ integrity         ■ enthusiasm               ■ commitment to personal development       

To further MSI’s partnership mission: enabling individuals to have children by choice not chance.



About this role 

The RAO will work other units within the Support Office of Marie Stopes International Organisation Nigeria (MSION) to drive the management of the regional office and all administrative and support functions within the region. The RAO will render at the region, all services provided by units within the Human Resource & Administration, Procurement & Logistics, and the Finance Directorates, as the Finance directorate oversees the Inventory & Assets Management Unit. The RAO will also provide support to any MSION Clinic located within the region.


Key Performance Indicators 

The role holder’s performance will be assessed and evaluated based on the following and other measures that may be agreed with the Line Managers or Management during each period: 

  1. Quality of work
  2. Turn-around time
  3. Frequency and rate of error (minimal error is expected)
  4. Innovation and Creativity
  5. Rate of Compliance with policies, standards and timelines
  6. Zero Fraud Case
  7. Rate of usage of the ESS (LIZA), Time and attendance solutions, etc by regional teams




  1. Sales & Operations Planning:
  2. Demand Planning/Forecasting for SM commodities
  3. Supply Planning/Forecasting for SM commodities
  • Distribution management
  1. Sales customer service operations
  2. Submission of Monthly forecast tool report to LSO GSC
  3. Human Resource and Administration Management

Human Resource Management 

  1. Support and coordinate recruitment and onboarding activities at the region
  2. Manage all worktools for team members on entry and during exit, in liaison with the HR Management Unit
  3. Coordinate trainings (KSS, PET, etc) for team members at regional level
  4. Be the LIZA Personnel go-to-person that drives team members’ usage of the ESS
  5. Manage all HR related activities at the region, in liaison with the HR Management Unit
  6. Collate and ensure the timely submission of Timesheets
  7. Support and coordinate HR initiatives and activities for team members at regional level


Information Technology / Business Solutions 

  1. Manage all IT assets and maintain an up-to-date IT assets register
  2. Provide support to team members on MS Office and Windows software installations
  3. Provide support to team members on business solutions (Tally, CLIC, LIZA, etc) with remote guidance from the ASO
  4. Monitor CCTV installations at the regional office
  5. Support in sourcing local vendors and in managing vendors deployed to work on site
  6. Monitor Inverters’ health and functionality
  7. Monitor internet, network and infrastructure performance
  8. Assist team members with the creation of Digital (Adobe PDF) and Email signature
  9. Escalate challenges with any of the above


Corporate Services Unit 

  1. Management of the office, the ambience, look and feel, as well as all facilities and equipment/machinery
  2. Manage preventive and routine maintenance
  3. Manage travels including accommodation, ticketing and general support of regional team members’ official travels
  4. Coordinate events, meetings, etc and manage all documentation and payments related to such meetings and events
  5. Coordinate and manage receipt, payment and records of utility bills
  6. Manage rent and interface with property owners
  7. Prepare and share weekly report and tracker on meetings and events held, tickets procured, etc
  1. Procurement, Supply Chain/Logistics and Fleet Management

Procurement Forecasting & Planning 

  • Support and participate in the preparation of the MSION Procurement Plan and subsequent updates of the Plan.
  • Support in the implementation and realization of the Procurement Plan through sending notification to Programs and Departments to initiate Procurements; and advising on changes in procurement plan for Procurement Processes.


  1. Prepare RFQ document and send out to vendors
  2. Conduct and participate in the evaluation of proposals, bids, and quotations.
  • Preparing evaluation reports and bid analysis and recommendations of award of contract
  1. Call for Procurement Committee Meeting and preparation minutes of meeting and circulate
  2. Preparing Purchase Orders with the Use of Tally System
  3. Managing expectations of Users in line with applicable procedures and processes applicable.
  • Coordinate the technical evaluation team and collate report
  • Ensure the Prequalification of Suppliers in line with MSION Procurement Guidelines.
  1. Ensure Due diligence is carried out on new vendors and Liaise with Procurement Committee on the approval of new Vendors
  2. Ensuring that the Approved Supply List and Data Base is up to date.
  3. Contract management, follow-up and closure
  • Ensuring that the procurement transactions due for payment are complete and submitted to Finance for action
  • Manage any query on Payment submitted to Finance.
  • Maintaining an up to date Procurement, Contract Risk & Register and share with support office
  1. Ensure a complete audit trail for all procurement process documentation.
  • Send weekly RAO report to support office

Shipping, Local Customs Clearing and Delivery

  • Ensure original shipping documents are handed over to the clearing agent in Lagos
  • Support on any NAFDAC/Customs issues in Lagos
  • Take delivery of the containerized SM products cleared in Lagos into MSION warehouse or third-party warehouse.
  • Retrieval and download of Data logger and share report with ASO I &A unit alongside the LSO GRN.

Logistics and Fleet Management

  1. Efficiently setting and monitoring stock dispatch, drivers and fleet controls: authorised use of vehicles; key control; logbooks; fuel cards; tools and equipment.
  2. Advising on the most efficient and cost-effective way of regional stock dispatch and distribution at the right quantity, right quality, right time, right temperature, right place and right person
  • Managing and enforcing green rag score for fleet KPI’s (Consumption rate, Idling, Drive style, safety) standards for country fleet management costs, safety and data.
  1. Daily Managing leased vehicles and outsourced drivers at the region.
  2. Daily Managing and allocating vehicle fleet for service delivery and support transportation requirements.
  3. Daily enforcing the use of Total Fuel card and manage any query on total platform
  • Regional Fleet data clearly entered to TrackPoint (liters, odometer, distance travelled, costs) on or before the 3rd working day of the month. Validating Fleet data entries by paper records (receipts and/or station statement); and maintained on respective vehicle file for audit purposes
  • Ensuring Vehicles are in roadworthy condition, and serviced on time @ 5,000km.
    1. ▪ Preventive maintenance and repairs carried out by a professional service provider.
    2. ▪ Establishing high level of mechanical awareness by service providers.
    3. ▪ Enforcing Routine vehicle checks by drivers using vehicle daily checklist
    4. ▪ Enforcing, Reporting and repair of vehicle defects; original spare parts only.
    5. ▪ Scheduling service Intervals with adherence to A-B-C servicing requirements
    6. ▪ Ensure there are Commercial service agreement (contracts) for vehicle maintenance service and repairs


  1. Participating in the recruitment and selection of drivers. Driver authorisation process (permit, driving rules and regulations). Local technical induction briefing for new drivers.
  2. Provide regular feedback, guidance and support to the Regional Manager and Logistics & Fleet Management Coordinator on appropriate actions which need to be undertaken to improve performance and guide on trip movement/retirement
  3. Managing vehicle incidents. Notifications of incidents to country and global levels.
    1. Preparation and submission of vehicle incident reports, supporting documents and cause analysis statement. Maintaining vehicle incident register and cause statistics. TrackPoint – entry of incident information. Proactively recommend and act of incident prevention.


  1. Supply Chain, Assets and Inventory Management and Social Marketing Support 

Inventory and Commodities Management 

  1. Maintaining accurate records of stock movement in and out of the warehouse daily.
  2. Posting & documentation of all goods receipt and SM stock issued to NGO/SBCC team and posting of consumption of marketing POSMs and other SM inventory items used as it happens on a daily basis
  • Synchronizing of all inventory postings at the Regional office with Support Office Central Store database on a weekly basis and as at when due.
  1. Carrying out weekly cycle count to determine Critical Stock consumption rates and interpreting same into the following reports:
    1. Critical Stock Report
    2. CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecast & Replenishment) Report
  2. Prompt treatment of all material requisitions and issuing of stock items to User departments, Outreach teams and Field officers daily.
  3. Maintaining GWP (Good Warehouse Practice) and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) standards through:
    1. tidy shelving, racking system/ store arrangement,
    2. FEFO (First Expired First Out),
    3. FIFO (First In First Out),
    4. Stock Codification/ labelling
    5. use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all time
  • Give monthly report on expired drugs and medical consumables.


Assets Management 

  1. Manage the asset register
  2. Maintain record of asset movement and acquisition


  1. Team Coordination and General Office Management 
  • Front Office and general facility management
  • Other duties as may be applicable
MSION Behaviours / Core Values / Statement


  • Pro-choice
  • Motivated personally and professionally to develop
  • Willingness to travel as may be required and at short notice.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience 

  • A First Degree in administration, management, humanities, social sciences or related discipline
  • Not less than 5 years post-graduation experience
  • Previous cognate experience in any of these functions: Human Resource, Administration, Procurement, Information Technology, Inventory & Assets Management
  • Membership of relevant professional body
  • Strong analytical and reporting capabilities – this means pulling data from various sources into Excel and other applications and turning generated data into actionable information
  • A working knowledge of Tally, Liza Personnel or other Employee Self Service solutions
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-starter, with project management skills
  • Team player with passion for work and desire to generate results
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to interact with colleagues at all levels
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to simultaneously coordinate multiple, high-priority projects
  • Familiarity with the different cultural, social and religious identities in Nigeria, international health, development issues and the international donor community.


Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation 

  1. Collate monthly, quarterly and annual reports flowing from activities carried out in line with the tasks above
  2. Produce progress reports to Line Manager on a regular basis
  3. From time to time carry out any other duties as reasonably requested by the line manager and/or management
Prefered Skills
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