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Marketing Manager, Pharma
Job Type: Full-Time
Duration: Degree in Pharm
Department: Programme Operations
Job Category: Commercial
Posted: 07-10-2020
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Minimum Education: Bachelors Degree / HND
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Minimum Experience: 7 Year
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Job Status: Interviewing
Start Publishing: 07-10-2020
No of Jobs: 1
Stop Publishing: 23-10-2020

We particularly encourage applications from women as they are currently under-represented within MSION at the management level.


Marie Stopes International Organisation Nigeria (MSION) is a results-oriented Social Business, which uses modern management and marketing techniques to provide reproductive health care and allied services. MSION’s goal is to meet the needs of underserved Nigerians and dramatically improve access and use of a range of reproductive health services.

MSION is part of Marie Stopes International’s Global Partnership which is in over 37 countries worldwide.  

The incumbent will use:

■ initiative        ■ energy          ■ persistence               ■ results orientation

■ drive             ■ integrity         ■ enthusiasm               ■ commitment to personal development       

To further MSI’s partnership mission: enabling individuals to have children by choice not chance.


Summary of the role:

MSION intends to expand its products portfolio to include Lifestyle / Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare (S&RH) products, to compliment current MA products (Misoclear and Mariprist).

This will take off in Q1 2019 with launch of “Fire Brand” Condom and Back-Up (Emergency Contraceptive).

The aim is to consistently grow the business with planned new launches including Tadalafil & Tadalafil + Depoxetine (for Erectile Dysfunction), delayed-sprays and gels for men (for premature ejaculation), Pregnancy Test Strips and Ovulation Kit (for women), and also other routinely used medical consumables, including syringes & needles, gloves, and catheters.

This planned expansion under the social marketing (SM) channel is in alignment with the MISION to deliver a sales income of +10M GBP by 2024 that will ensure sustainability and profitability.

Key success factor to achieving this is accurate market analysis that will include details on the market characteristics (market size and growth-revenue, units, prescriptions, days of therapy, patient types, market share development, number of competitors, market trends, market attractiveness etc); competitor’s characteristics (product characteristics, competitor marketing strategies, sales force activities, pricing analysis); consumer characterization (desires and unmet needs). Based on the above, the Marketing Manager will support the social marketing channel of MSION by delivering on the following key responsibilities:




Analysis and Identification of Key Competitors and Development of Specific Strategy to deal with threats Posed.


Propose activities with agreed result in potential target audiences for MSION existing and new products. Launch new products.


Development of new marketing initiatives and strategy designs for MSION new products and their launches.


Drive youth engagement and use of digital / Social Media and other above-the-line platforms, especially for new launch life style product (condoms).


Grow the leadership position and market share of MSION MA brands (Misoclear and Mariprist)


Key Activities:

1.    Development of strategic market planning analysis by identifying foreseeable threats, opportunities, competitors, product positioning, segmentation, for new life-style products business and existing MA products.

2.    Preparation of detailed social marketing promotional and campaign materials for current and new products with contents and designs

3.    Analysis and identification of key targets from a range of potential target groupings for MA and Lifestyle products

4.    Conduct consumer-centric activities with agreed target groups that result in them using MSION lifestyle products

5.    Reporting on impact of marketing activities in relation to projected targets for each year.

6.    Conduct quick landscaping of competitors and products and core clients or users of the products.

7.    Develop effective strategy to position MSION new products leading to substantial market segments secured

8.    Marketing plans reviewed and agreed to by the SMT

9.    Monthly activity plans developed and shared

10.  Lead in the development of marketing strategies for the MSION new products brand promotions.

11.  Conduct mentorship trainings for MSION staffs related to the marketing of current and new MSION products.

12.  Provide leadership in the promotion and launch MSION MA and life-style products.

13.  Carry-out any other duties as reasonably requested by the line manager and/or management.

14.  Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending conferences of key target groups (e.g. Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses etc), educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.

1.    Design a systematic approach to track increase in market shares for MSION lifestyle products. This should translate to Increased incomes and profitability to drive growth as planned in strategic business plan for the Social Marketing Channel.


2.    Design marketing and brand building programs and activities that will ensure sustainable Increases in uptakes for MSION lifestyle Products portfolio to be able to amongst the first 5-brands in all the categories we MSION have products, including the condoms, delayed sprays & gels, emergency contraceptives etc.

3.    Drive demand and prescription generation to retain Misoclear and Mariprist as gold standard for MA in Nigeria.


4.    Ensure systematic tracking of MSION Lifestyle-Products sales.

5.    Ensure that all activities on products marketing support impact to deliver on MSION’s key expectations, Income and Sustainability


6.    Grow visibility and brand awareness for MSION Products trackable with increase in # of outlets stocking MSION life-style brands.


7.    Achieve minimum additional 2 new launches yearly from 2019.


8.    Drive digital and social media engagements for MSION’s lifestyle brands.










MSION Behaviours / Core Values / Statement


Successful performance at MSION is not simply defined in terms of ‘what’ people achieve, but equally is about ‘how’ people go about their jobs and the impact that they have on others. There are 13 key behaviours that MSION expects in all employees. Performance is measured against these. They are defined below:


Initiative: Thinking ahead and taking action to make the most of opportunities by finding the optimum solution

Innovative: Thinking creatively so that ideas generated create a positive outcome

Effective Communication: Communicating through active listening and good questioning techniques, using appropriate body language, ensuring information is clear and concise.

Team Player: Working as part of a team by being supportive, flexible and showing respect for each other

Responsive: Being responsive to changing priorities and demands

Working Efficiently: Planning, prioritising and organising work to ensure work is accurate and deadlines are met

Sharing Information: Sharing information and knowledge whilst maintaining confidentiality

Focus on Learning: Taking responsibility for keeping knowledge and skills updated and for seeking opportunities to develop further

Commitment: Awareness and understanding of goals, vision and values and how your role impacts on this and going the extra mile to meet role requirements

Driven: Drive and determination to deliver results

Regular reporting will indicate ability to conceive, design and deliver on results

Accountable: Taking responsibility for appropriate decisions that you make, and the actions and behaviour you demonstrate

Embracing Change: Openness to embracing change within the organisation and being able to adjust plans/activities accordingly


Qualifications, Capabilities/Skills and Experience


  • A First Degree in Pharmacy, with post graduate degree in marketing/marketing communication, and technical expertise in marketing in a very commercial organization.
  • A background in managing Pharmaceuticals (POMs & OTCs), and particularly sexual and reproductive healthcare (S&RH) products, is an added advantage.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong communication skills – both written and verbal.
  • Analytical and strategic thinker
  • Excellent writing, organizational, teamwork and multitasking capabilities, presentation and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Good people and communication abilities including training and skills.
  • Ability to work well with others in team environments.
  • Ability to manage a high-level workload and meet tight deadlines.
  • Prochoice.
Prefered Skills
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