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Franchising Business Advisor
Marie Stopes International Organisation Nigeria Lagos State, Nigeria 121 Days Ago
Job Type: Full-Time
Department: Commercial Operations
Job Category: Commercial
Posted: 06-12-2019
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Minimum Education: Bachelors Degree / HND
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Minimum Experience: 5 Year
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Start Publishing: 06-12-2019
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Marie Stopes International Organisation Nigeria (MSION) is a results-oriented Social Business, which uses modern management and marketing techniques to provide reproductive health care and allied services. MSION’s goal is to meet the needs of underserved Nigerians and dramatically improve access and use of a range of reproductive health services.

MSION is part of Marie Stopes International’s Global Partnership which is in over 37 countries worldwide.  MSION just won the Supporting Access for Adolescents to Integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health Services (Safire) Project and need a state coordinator of programme activities in Oyo and Ogun states. MSION through this project will ensure a strong continuum of care for women and girls who are self-administering medical product for post abortion care leveraging MSION’s contact centre to strengthen guidance around self-administration and aftercare while assisting with effective referrals.

The core responsibility of this post is to use your:

■ initiative          ■ energy            ■ persistence                 ■ results orientation

■ drive              ■ integrity          ■ enthusiasm                 ■ commitment to personal development 

To further MSI’s partnership mission: enabling individuals to have children by choice not chance.


About this role:

 This role reports to the Commercial Franchising Manager (CFM) who seats with MSION Commercial Operations in Lagos. The Franchising Business Advisor (FBA) plays a pivotal, strategic role in the overall MSION sustainability strategy, leading on the ‘Business’ pillars of MSION franchising work under the Bluestar Network. The FBA is responsible for identifying and tracking ways to increase income and decrease expenditure for the facilities on the new MSION strategy on franchising and working through the Commercial Franchising (CF) Team, the Business Advisor will work closely in providing technical and administrative support to selected commercial franchise facilities to ensure efficient and effective management of the facility business component, training and tracking of income for these facilities including identifying cost saving strategies and linking franchisees to finance where possible in collaboration with the Medical Credit Fund.

Primary Responsibilities

The role holder will provide strategic coordination to MSION commercial franchising business development effort and handle all matters relating to loan access and management including other needs as relates the success of the business proposition in the commercial franchise effort of MSION and making more money available to selected franchisees to power their business and expand income stream for their various facilities while progressively making MSION franchising work more sustainable. S/He will assist with embedment of National Health Insurance Scheme in making insurance key to franchisees business development especially as regards claims management and administration. The role holder will facilitate cheaper fund access at low interest rate by pooling funds or through cheaper loan arrangement with all willing commercial banks or any appropriate financial institution while making easy for providers on the network to gain financial expertise, increasing reporting and recording skill with new client recording tools that shows clearly the flow of money (in-and-out) in these selected facilities and provision of cheaper commodities through franchising group warehousing. The FBA will also support in increasing monthly income of these franchisees including overall MSION franchising income-to-cost ratio and successful re-imbursement ration driving footfall for these franchisees. S/He will regularly financially educate the relevant franchising officers in the states including the providers themselves. This will also include working with available websites to increase communications and access to information on all needed business support to MSION franchising.

Specific Duties in relation to the Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities


1. Leadership on the Business Pillar of MSION Commercial Franchising


·         Review and adapt the Business Premium package as needed to suit the need of facilities within the new sustainability strategy

·         To lead on roll out of the BlueStar book keeping application and any further developments as needed

·         Ensure fast roll out of Business support function to facilities joining the commercial franchising model, and report baseline information into the Director, Commercial Operations and the CF-Manager within the agreed timeframes

·         Develop dashboards that enable analysis and feedback of key financial data and forecasting to franchisees to assist facilities to be bankable and financially sound

·         Provide technical support to the members in the business performance and quality improvement process of the program

·         Review the data and provide the Commercial Franchising Manager with analysis at the network level, and provide technical support to the State Teams/Business Development Officers as recruited at the regions

·         Add significant value to the BlueStar commercial franchise offering and demonstrating the impact of the franchise on the business of the facilities.

·         Identification of more health facilities beyond MSION social (Classic) franchisees that might be eligible for adoption onto the CF network and initiation of adoption process based on interest of provider and possession of relevant qualities for facility selection.

·         Package meets the needs of BlueStar

·         Impact of BlueStar seen on bottom line in timely manner

·         Financial information leads to decision making

·         Facilities review books and report improvements from BlueStar membership

2. Leadership of the Business Pillar


·         Review and adapt the Business Premium Plus package as needed to suit the need of facilities within the sustainability strategy

·         Financial modelling and projections to improve advisory services to Premium Plus BlueStar facilities

·         To assist facilities willing to access credit, term loans and receivables financing to complete required financial documentation BlueStar clinics on status

·         To liaise with the Lead Business Manager, PharmAccess (MCF) regarding the approval and progress of loans and their related documentation

·         In collaboration with the Health Financing Specialist, successfully integrate Claim IT into the Business Premium Plus model, monitoring the speed at which claims are paid


·         Package meets the needs of BlueStar

·         Each premium plus facility financial model agreed with owner

·         Facilities access affordable financing in line with their needs in a timely manner

·         Facilities are able to claim through Claim IT

3. Ensure Integration with other Pillars including Reporting Responsibilities


·         In collaboration with the Commercial Franchising manager and Social Franchise Lead at the support office in Abuja, establish mechanism to analyze the income reported against the service numbers reported, highlighting gaps where needed to establish the BlueStar effect on the income at the facility level

·         In collaboration with the Marketing team, provide feedback on the success of interventions in increasing income and share learnings

·         Capacity build the State/Business Development Team in being able to run the analysis outlined above to be able to support their facilities in increasing their income with support from technical teams

·         Share feed back to the regulatory team in NHIS payments, and the speed at which they are paid or any other developments for advocacy purposes


4. Other duties as required by the Management


·         From time to time carry out any other duties as reasonably requested by the line manager and/or management


·         Willingness to travel within and outside the country as needed.


MSION Behaviours / Core Values / Statement

Qualifications and Requisite Skills:

  • BSc Business Administration or equivalent qualification is essential.
  • MBA or other post graduate qualification in Management or Accounting or Finance or Banking is desirable.
  • Possess outstanding professional reputation and have strong demonstrated interpersonal, written, and oral presentation skill
  • Strong results orientation, with the ability to challenge existing mind-sets
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Good computer skills (particularly Word, Excel and database)


  • At least three (3) years post NYSC experience inclusive of at least 1 year in management position in a business organization is essential
  • Two years’ experience in a financial sector is desirable
  • Experience in Microfinance or SME lending and of working with the private sector to deliver social good is a major added advantage
  • significant experience of high-level representation and strong presentation skills
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate closely with private sector healthcare providers, effectively manages their expectations, and builds capacity
Prefered Skills


  • Strong commitment to an output and performance-based working style
  • Entrepreneurial mind-set and able to work on own initiative and motivate others to achieve results
  • Motivates team members to deliver high quality service and results, and is able to give constructive honest feedback
  • Self-motivator and able to motivate others to achieve results
  • Innovative, Initiative, drive and a team player
  • Able to work in a context of international performance standards and expectations.
  • Motivated by provision of innovative support to increase clinic performance and sustainability
  • Motivated personally and professionally to develop
  • Pro choice

Performance Criteria

  • Availability and degree of implementation of plans of action
  • Timeliness and quality of reports
  • Adequacy and appropriateness of reports in terms of needs of users
  • Appropriateness of support to the facilities
  • Completeness of management information system
  • Cost-effectiveness and value addition of programs initiated and implemented
  • Problem resolution rate
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