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Finance Director - Abuja New
Job Type: Full-Time
Department: Finance
Job Category: Finance
Posted: 24-01-2023
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Minimum Education: Masters Degree
Degree Title: (ACA, ACCA)
Minimum Experience: 10 Year
Age: -
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Job Status: Interviewing
Start Publishing: 24-01-2023
No of Jobs: 1
Stop Publishing: 24-02-2023

We particularly encourage applications from women as they are currently under-represented within MSION at the management level.

The Role

The core responsibility of the DF is to provide strategic financial management, vision and leadership while ensuring compliance of accounting, legal, global and donor requirements. The DF acts as a business partner to the CD and Senior Management Team (SMT) ensuring all financial risks have been considered and evaluated when making strategic decision. The DF is responsible for supporting the senior management team to achieve sustainable growth through improved financial management and performance to drive the strategies of the organisation.

The role also contributes to furthering MSI’s Vision: to create A WORLD IN WHICH EVERY BIRTH IS WANTED and its mission of ensuring the individual’s right to: CHILDREN BY CHOICE NOT CHANCE.

Key Responsibilities

Provide Strategic and Management leadership

·        Deliver sustainable business growth through adaptation of Commercial Business Practices (as part of the Senior Management Team (SMT))

·        Provide financial analysis that will drive strategic planning and aid the development of the annual business plan. The financial analysis should cover business strategies, new products and services, and key service channels and donor relationships and should highlight financial returns and sustainability as well as the service impact. 

·    Provide ideas and influence to expand our social business, both private and public sector inititatives and drive improvement of key efficiency áreas with a view to becoming a sustainable organisation.   

·    Define and track financial indicators that will improve the cost efficency of MSION Operations and advise the SMT of the impact on each channel. 


Devise accurate, realistic and inclusive budgets for MSI’s global programme, for donor funding bids and for sub-departments

·        Timely preparation of annual operational and capital budgets, with quarterly reviews: solid budgets prepared with budget holders as the basic guiding tool for the optimal use of MSION’s resources to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

·        Monitor expenditure trends and provide timely advice and analysis of potential over or under spends to the Senior Management Team  (SMT), and other budget holders such as project managers, to allow managers to make required adjustments to meet their financial goals.

·        Monitor programme support costs and ensure that MSION is maximising cost efficiencies.

·        Provide training and continuous support to the SMT, budget holders and project managers to ensure proper understanding, ownership of and engagement with financial results.

·        Provide sound financial advice to the country director, the program board, and other senior management colleagues in Global Support Office.

Oversee and ensure financial systems, procedures and reports, that enable efficient and compliant use of MSI funds and assets in the delivery of work

·        Interpret financial data, provide financial consultation and advice to solve complex financial problems.  

·        Coordinate financial reporting, briefing with donors, MSION and government entities. Prepare donor financial reports in line with donor reporting requirements and standards

·        Support the Operations Director (or equivalent) in the development and maintenance of robust systems to capture operational data.

·        Ensure organisational internal controls and systems are maintained and adhered to, identifying key risk areas and addressing them

·        Be accountable for the maintenance of control systems to prevent fraud or to mitigate its impact, support the HR directorate in the maintenance of the anti-fraud and bribery programme.

·        Ensure any changes in legislation or organisational structure are reflected without delays in internal controls and systems. Maintain an effective control structure.

·        Provide technical financial staff training where necessary to ensure understanding and compliance with MSI  global financial policies.

Effective management and oversight of MSION working capital, investments and financial obligations.

·        Oversee  a cash flow management and forecasting system whereby adequate funds are available for programme needs: following up and ascertaining donor and trade debtor cash inflows, strict expenditure control and a strong understanding of programme requirements.

·        Manage investments, debtors, creditors and advances from donors and their accurate recording and reconciliation on the Balance Sheet.

·        Ensure that all statutory requirements are met on time i.e. PAYE, VAT, Income Tax, Pension, etc. Ensure the regulatory requirements of all statutory bodies are met with regards to MSI’s financial affairs

·        Ensure contractual obligations are financially sound and appropriate for the organisation.

Oversees the management of Inventory and Assets of the Organisation to ensure maximized value

·        Ensure the availability of up-to-date records on assets and inventory and movement of same within the organisation.

·        Manage stocks forecast, planning and restocking to ensure zero stock out

·        Ensure compliance with donor requirements on assets procurement, cost allocation, use and disposal as per donors and MSI global guidelines.

·        Ensure stock usage and service numbers are reconciled each month by inventory team.

·        Coordinate routine and annual stocks taking and assets verification exercises, internally and with auditors.

·        Keep updated stock and inventory SOP’s as per MSION changing requirements

·        Provide support to the Commercial Sales division on supply chain management

·        Be accountable for the safeguarding of the country programme’s assets

Responsible for accurate and timely group reporting, while dealing with internal and external auditors

·        Ensure timely accurate preparation of the organisation’s monthly financial management accounts.

·        Ensure compliance with the group finance manual.

·        Coordinate the financial audit, preparation of statutory accounts and subsequent annual reports.

·        Prepare donor financial reports in line with donor reporting requirements and standards

·        Liaise with internal audit and external auditors.

Leadership of a team that is developing and improving continuously

·        Lead and manage members of the finance and Inventory/Assets Management team to build their capacity and strengthen competency and professional development.

·        Conduct regular staff performance appraisals, monitoring progress and setting objectives.

·        Review the operational structure of the finance department to ensure that all roles and responsibilities are relevant to the needs and demands of the organisation.

MSION Behaviours / Core Values / Statement

Personal Attributes

  • Strategic thinker, excellent analytical skills.
  • Strong results orientation.
  • Excellent leadership and management aptitude leading diverse teams at a distance.
  • Pro-choice.
  • Interest in public health, particularly sexual and reproductive health.
  • Flexibility to operate in a changing environment.

MSI Behaviours and Values

Team Member Behaviours

Work as One MSI

·     You contribute, use, and share accurate data and evidence to improve understanding, insight and decision-making across MSI, enabling us to maximise our ability to influence others.

·     You share relevant knowledge, expertise and resources to strengthen teamwork and prevent duplication of effort.

·     You actively work as part of a team, providing support and flexibility to colleagues, demonstrating fairness, understanding and respect for all people and cultures.

Show courage, authenticity and integrity

·     You hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make and the behaviours you demonstrate.

·     You are courageous in challenging others and taking appropriate managed risks.

Develop and grow

·     You seek feedback to enable greater self-awareness and provide the same to others in a way which inspires them to be even more effective.

·     You manage your career development including keeping your knowledge and skills up to date.

Deliver excellence, always

·     You strive to consistently meet and exceed expectations, putting clients at the centre of everything, and implement smarter, more efficient ways of performing your role.

·     You build and maintain effective long-term working relationships with all stakeholders, and are a true MSI ambassador.


·     You inspire individuals and teams, through situational leadership, providing clear direction.

·     You seek and provide opportunities which motivate team members, helping to develop skills and potential whilst strengthening our talent and succession pipeline.

·     You are aware of emerging developments in our sector, demonstrating strategic insight about our clients and business and encourage this in your team.

·     You articulate a vision of the future which inspires and excites others.

MSI Values

  • Mission driven: With unwavering commitment, we exist to empower women and men to have children by choice not chance.
  • Client centred: We are passionate about our clients and dedicate our efforts to delivering agreed objectives to the highest possible quality.
  • Accountable: We are accountable for our actions and take responsibility for everything we do to ensure long term sustainability and increased impact.
  • Courageous: We recruit and nurture talented, passionate and brave people who have the courage to push boundaries, make tough decisions and challenge others in line with our mission.

Experience (essential/desirable)

·     At least ten years’ experience in a leadership role for a large division or company.

·     Experience in strategic planning and execution of plans to achieve objective and targets.

·     Demonstrated success in formulating policy, and development and implementing strategies and procedures.

·     Excellent knolwdge of financial management systems and reporting.

·     Hands-on experience with computerised Accounting Systems; Knowledge of Sun Systems is desirable.

·     Knowledge of donor contract requirments for budgeting and reporting.

·     Ability to establish and maintain contacts with senior-level government and donor officals. 

·     Experience of working with colleagues in geographically separate locations.

·     Able to communicate effectively (both written and oral) at all levels.

·     Cross-functional team player.

Qualifications and Training (essential/desirable)

·     Qualified / Chartered Accountant (ACA, ACCA).

·     Degree-educated or equivalent.

Prefered Skills
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