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Digital Archiving Consultant
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Posted: 06-01-2021
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Minimum Education: Diploma (OND)
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Minimum Experience: Less then 1 Year
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Start Publishing: 06-01-2021
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Terms of Reference (ToR) – Document Sorting and Categorization for Digital Archival


MSION had adopted a digital archival system for all its files and documentation and is on the verge of implementing the roll-out of this electronic document archival and process automation system. Given the challenges associated with the cabinet system of archiving files across MSION offices, the organisation is poised to transition to electronic archival and process automation in its bid to reduce the risk of loss of files and documents, while boosting productivity and decluttering physical spaces across its offices and as well promoting an eco-friendly work culture within MSION. More so, the digital archival system will strengthen the data protection and management system of MSION.

However, before the transition of physical files from current storage to the electronic archival system, it is pertinent that these files be manually sorted and categorized using the organisation’s adopted classification (or indexing) format, and then scanned to the MSNG Archive SharePoint repository.


The goal of this engagement process is to collate, scan and upload all physical files/documents in the Support Office.


The specific objectives for the consultants are to:

  • Collect and collate all physical files/documents from the various directorates in Support Office
  • Scan and upload collated files following the adopted classification format
  • Report on the quantity of documents scanned per directorate (in pages) to the Digital Archival Committee

Scope of work:  The consultants will be required to: 

  • Undertake a mandatory training by IT Unit to facilitate proper understanding of the organisation’s digital archival system
  • Collate, scan and upload all physical files/documents from the various directorates in Support Office

The supervising consultant will be required to:

  • Act as the liaison between the Digital Archiving Committee and the recruited consultants
  • Be responsible for the coordination and compliance of the other consultants in accordance to the codes of conduct herein stated
  • Provide daily reports on the quantity of documents scanned per directorate to the Digital Archival Committee


Duration: January 18 – February 05, 2020 (15 working days)

Expected Deliverables: The consultancy service to be provided under this ToR is expected to deliver on:

  • Scanning and uploading at a daily rate of at least 5,000 pages per scanning station to the MSNG SharePoint Archive
  • Provide daily reports on the quantity of documents scanned and uploaded per directorate.


MSION Behaviours / Core Values / Statement


The Consultants will be guided by the Terms of the MSION Confidentiality & Data Protection, Safeguarding, Anti-Fraud and Bribery and related policies, and all other terms of Engagement in their Contract of Engagement.



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